A Canadian artist, inspired by the drama, beauty & movement of nature

Original contemporary paintings 

for your home or office. 

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About Me


The Beginning


I discovered art-making later in life. I had tried to draw once, as a child, with very unimpressive results. I resigned myself to the fact that my creative siblings had those abilities, not me. Fast forward many years later when I opened a shop and filled it with original paintings of talented local artists. I became friends with many of these wonderful people and they encouraged me to try art once again. I felt an intense need to be creative, and boldly decided to take a course from an artist that I admired greatly. He knew that I was a hesitant beginner, and kindly taught me the basics of the craft. His expert teaching skills and guidance resulted in the start of my artistic career, and we remain friends to this day. 


Why Create?

I believe everyone needs a creative outlet of some kind. I am so moved by nature that sometimes it brings me to tears - the drama, colour, movement, even the sounds render me awestruck. These experiences compel me to continually pick up my tools and share my interpretation of our natural world through my paintings. I may begin with a vision, but I’m never quite sure what the final result will look like until the last stroke. I love using bold colours and taking risks using the creative tools I have grown to love. I know a piece is finished when I reach an ‘aha’ moment. When I tell myself ‘there it is, exactly as it should be’. 


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If you would like to see more of my work or visit my studio, please email or give me a call, I'd love to hear from you. My studio is always open, and you can also visit me every Fall during the annual Elora Fergus Studio Tour.

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